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Survey of Your Experiences in Moving........ 

Each year we survey people all across the country on their experiences in moving, both good and bad. This survey is a mutual aid for everybody because it pinpoints problems and shows how others work out solutions. The anonymous survey results are published in newspapers nationally

You can help by taking part in this year's survey and you'll receive a FREE copy of the Moving Company Evaluation Worksheets from our book.

Number of times moved as a child 
Number of times moved as an adult 
Number of times moved within a city 
Number of times moved over 50 miles 
Number of times moved to new country 
Most moves in: Winter  Spring Summer Fall

Your Reasons for Relocating in Your LAST Move: 
(Please place an X in all boxes that apply)
Job Transfer New Job Look for Job
Marriage Divorce Retirement Start New Lifestyle 
New Baby Death in Family Health
Move Closer to Parents/Relatives
Move Away from Parents/Relatives
Make New Friends Better Climate
Own Home Rent
Bigger House Better House
Want Better Neighborhood Want Better School

Why You Selected Your New Location:
Job Opportunity Lower Cost of Living
Good Social Life Better Personal Safety
Good Child's Social Life Better Schools 

  Disadvantages of Moving:
Leaving Friends & Family No job in new location
Packing & Abandoning Possessions 
New Unfamiliar Area New location unfriendly
Spouse Dissatisfied
Children Unhappy
Your Age Range:under 25 25 to 49 over 50 
Your Home:Own Home Rent Home Rent Apartment
Total Family Income:$10k to $20k $20k to $40k 
$40k to $70k $70k+
Employer Assisted with Your Move:Yes No
Your Sex:Male Female Children at home:Yes No

Recommend the moving company you used:Yes No

Your Comments:

Your Name This survey is completely anonymous. But, if you wish to be quoted in the author's published writings, please click below:.
Do you want to be quoted by the authors? Yes No

If you want a FREE copy of Loan Qualification Worksheets from our book, we'll email them to you.

Please click "Send Survey" only once. 
It may take a few seconds to send. If you experience difficulties, (or if you are not using a forms-capable browser) you may copy your response to Windows clipboard (control A + control C) and email to: survey@movedoc.com