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MORTGAGE ADVICE from movedoc.com


    Steiners Complete How To Talk Mortgage Talk documents the latest potholes and how to avoid them when applying for today's home mortgage.

    This new book assists both home buyers and those refinancing in the current booming real estate market. People feel financially naked, discussing their loan application with a lender. The discussion can tie them and their and their pocketbook in knots for more than a quarter of a century. This book gives the consumer an insider's understanding of the jargon and procedures they'll need to get the loan they want.

    Unlike other personal finance books, readers won't have to trudge to the last page before they start applying for their loan. Each piece of information is short, stand-alone, and alphabetized to point to solutions as problems arise during the loan process.

    Steiners Complete How To Talk Mortgage Talk includes information on home buying, refinancing a high interest loan, evaluating home equity lines of credit, pitfalls in reverse mortgages, preventing banks from miscalculating payments, or improperly continuing to assess PMI and real estate impound charges. It includes extensive Internet lender and service contact lists as well as 40 pages of forms and checklists to put you in control when interviewing lenders.

READ 7 STEPS YOU NEED TO KNOW from the book before you shop for a loan.

Clyde and Shari Steiner are also the authors of Steiners Complete How To Move Handbook.

Mortgage Talk is published by Independent Information Publications, 3357 - 21 Street, San Francisco, CA Available at bookstores (ISBN 0-913733-09-1) or DIRECT from  (800/444-2524 Ext 1) for $12.95.

Buying a home
Planning to refinance your high interest loan
Evaluating home equity line of credit offers
Tempted by a reverse mortgage
Worried your current mortgage payments have been miscalculated
Wanting your lender to stop assessing PMI and real estate tax impound charges
Not thrilled about the prospect of sitting around financially naked, with a Loan Advisor whose financial know how can tie you and your pocketbook in knots for more than a quarter of a century.

  • This book gives you the weapons you need to go out and hunt down not only the best rates, but the best loan program specifics that match your needs.
  • Unlike many books on financing, you don't have to trudge through the whole thing from beginning to end before you start interviewing lenders. Each piece of information is short, as stand-alone as possible, and alphabetized so that you can locate it quickly.
Some important tools you'll find in this book:
  • How to calculate your own borrower ratio qualification, so you know ahead of time how large a loan amount you can get.
  • The three most important questions you need to ask every lender you're considering.
  • Why principal paydowns are better than 15 year amortization or bi-weekly payment mortgages.
  • Why recasting can turn a bad loan program into a true nightmare.
  • The most important thing to watch out for in a cash-out refinance.
  • How to use our Loan Evaluator to stack up the true costs of any loan program.
  • Know when you should tell your lender "No."
  • Where to find financing for co-ops, farms and other "non-standard" types of property.
  • What kinds of clouds on your title report can cause your property to lose value.
  • Two lender turnaround deadlines that can make or break your deal.
  • When to go ahead with a loan, even though the amount isn't what you need.
  • How to solve past credit problems with affordable, no nonsense counseling, and lenders willing to help you buy your house, now.
  • How to tap into MCC tax credits to get IRS help with your home buying.
  • VA programs - no down and cheap. How to find lenders who have streamlined the process, can qualify you and fund quickly.
And lots and lots of other GOODIES, including:
  • EXTENSIVE Money$ource Directory to 800 phone numbers and Internet sites for lenders, government programs, tax savings, non profit counselors and free software
  • COMPLETE "Apples to Apples" Loan Evaluators
  • SIMPLE Refinance Evaluator
  • TRIAL RUN Loan Qualifying Worksheet
  • EASY Loan Payment Estimator


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