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Independent Information Publications

1998 Relocation Survey
of people who move paying their own way

We thank all the annual survey participants for your patience and cooperation — the results are in! These calculations are based on the collective data gained from a total of 432 moves. Because of the length of the survey, there is only space here for some of the highlights.

This survey was self selective of people who moved and volunteered information online and is not a scientific representative sampling.

* 50% of those surveyed were between the ages of 36-60.
* Only 4.17% were under 22 years of age.
* 83.3% were women.
* 45.8% owned their own home.
* 41.7% had an income of $20,000-$40,000 per year.
* 8.3% had an income of higher than $70,000 per year.
* 62.5% had no children and no one had 5 or more.
* 44.4% moved 1-5 times as a child.
* 16.7% moved 10 or more times during their childhood.
* But 66.7% moved 10 or more times as adults.

Reasons for moving were divided among the twenty survey choices.Although most people still move to take a new job (8.18%) or get a better house (7.55%), the same percentage (7.55%) moved to get away from friends or relatives. Only 5.66% wanted to get closer.

* 44.4% stayed in the new home one year or less.
*Only 5.6% stayed 5 years or more.
* 83.3% moved within the same city only 1-5 times.
* 88.9% moved within the same state only 1-5 times.
* 72.2% moved from one state to another state only 1-5 times
* The biggest advantage of moving (79.2%) is a change of lifestyle.
* Second biggest advantage (66.7%) is making new friends.
* 54.2% said leaving the "sense of place" was a big disadvantage.
* Number one reason for leaving (45.8%) was too small a home.
* 29.2% left because of dangerous neighborhoods or noise.
* 29.2% blamed a long commute to work.

Survey participants were very specific 
in desires for a dream house.

* 75% wanted a fireplace in the living room.
* 75% also opted for an entertainment center.
* 66.7% thought that a sunken living room would be nice.
* In the dream house kitchen, 70.8% wanted a pantry.
* 66.7% want a master bedroom overlooking a quiet garden.
* 58.3% thought that a private balcony or patio would be nice.
* 66.7% want their master bathroom with a makeup area.
* 62.5% felt that it should be adjacent to walk-in closets.

Complete results of all the catagories in the 1998 survey
including desires for climate, children, entertainment, etc.
are available for researchers. For further details contact survey@movedoc.com
All tabulation results are recorded anonymously.
(Copyright 2006 by C&S Steiner)