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Rouda recommends 
Steiners Complete How To Move Handbook.

He says:

"I love this book,
it covers everything!

There's absolutely nothing missing,
except who's going to pay the mortgage!"

Harley Rouda is Past President of the National Association of Realtors,
and head of one of the 12 largest independent real estate agencies in the U.S.

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Mark A. Hetts the "Mr. HandyPerson",
Universal Press Syndicate columnist says:

"Among the stresses of modern living, moving has to be right up there on the top of the list with finding a job and looking for a place to live, and is often a part of both situations. The Steiners have assembled a complete guide to everything you could ever want to know (and a lot of things you may not have known you NEEDED to know). Not content to simply outline the do's and don'ts of a typical move, they also rate moving companies, give useful tips on finding rentals, sublets, and trades, and even some sensible advice on long distance job hunting. They have taken a "no stone unturned" approach to moving in this fact-filled, thorough handbook, even including tips on getting settled in your new neighborhood! If you are facing or contemplating a move, this book will save you potentially thousands of dollars, and uncounted headaches and sleepless nights and aggravation. Quite possibly, this is the best guide ever written on the subject, and an incredible bargain, to boot!"

ISBN: 0-913-73314-8  $14.95
TITLE: Steiners Complete How-to-Move Handbook
AUTHORS: Clyde & Shari Steiner


Recommendation by
Nationally Syndicated
Real Estate Columnist
Robert Bruss
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Steiners Complete How-To-Move Handbook. By Clyde and Shari Steiner. Independent Information Publications, San Francisco. $14.95. 354 pages.

Robert Bruss Says:
Authors Clyde and Shari Steiner have completed 19 residential moves in five countries so they are well-qualified to write this unique and very complete book.
Virtually nothing involving a household move is left out. The authors discuss reasons for moving, employment considerations, income tax aspects, home sales and purchases, renting and virtually everything to consider when changing residences.
Strong emphasis is placed on how moves affect children and how to minimize problems. For example, the authors recommend moving during the school year, rather than in summer, so children will quickly make friends at their new school.

This well-researched book has something for virtually every reader. If a topic doesn't interest you skip it because there are many more subjects which will be of interest. My favorite was how to handle and negotiate with moving companies. Although the authors discuss do-it-yourself moves they realize that isn't practical for most families so they explain the mover pitfalls to anticipate. They even rate moving companies.

You can buy the 354 page Steiners Complete How To Move Handbook at your bookstore or DIRECT at 800-444-2524 Ext 1 or Amazon.com, the Internet bookstore.

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