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Some words about the experts....

Authors Clyde and Shari Steiner are nationally recognized relocation experts and longtime journalists. Their writings and seminars on the best mortgage loans, selecting real estate agents, and solving moving problems, are the result of  having moved twenty times as they relocated their home and obtained mortgages in the course of the last fifteen years. Their personal experience with moving company disasters, moving family and pets, as well as getting new loans in mortgage markets that span times when money has been cheap and readily available and times when rates were in double digits.

They are the co-authors of both  Steiners Complete How to Move Handbook, and Steiners Complete How To Talk Mortgage Talk.

In addition, Clyde writes a monthly column on technology in real estate offices for California Real Estate magazine. Shari writes on various relocation topics for major national women's magazines. She is a practicing California Realtor, who manages her own small office. In the past she has developed the training materials for the loan officers of a major national Lender.

They oversee Independent Information Publications’ annual Independent Relocation Survey conducted at www.movedoc.com. They find that mortgage questions and complaints about the mortgage process make up one of the largest section of  their "Ask the Moving Doctors" online column.


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